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Electromagnetic field

Eelectromagnetism An electromagnetic field also EMF or EM field is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects. It affects the kurkurina von Krampfadern of charged objects in the vicinity of the field. The electromagnetic field extends indefinitely throughout space and describes the electromagnetic interaction.

It is one of the four fundamental forces of nature the others are gravitation, weak interaction and strong interaction. The field can be viewed as the combination of an electric field and a magnetic field. The electric field is produced by stationary charges, and the magnetic field by moving charges currents ; these two are often described as the sources of the field.

The way in which charges and currents interact with the electromagnetic field is described by Maxwell's equations and the Lorentz force law. From akuter Thrombophlebitis shins classical perspective in the history of electromagnetism, the electromagnetic field can be regarded as a smooth, continuous field, propagated in a wavelike manner; whereas akuter Thrombophlebitis shins the perspective of quantum field theory, the field is seen as quantized, being composed of individual particles.

In the past, electrically charged objects were thought to produce two different, unrelated types of field associated with their charge property. An electric field is produced when the charge is stationary with respect to an observer measuring the properties of the charge, and a magnetic field as well as an electric field is produced when the charge moves, creating an electric current with respect to this observer, akuter Thrombophlebitis shins.

Over time, it was realized that the electric and magnetic fields are better thought of as two parts of a greater whole — the electromagnetic field. Untilwhen the Akuter Thrombophlebitis shins physicist H. The first one views the electric and magnetic fields as three-dimensional vector fields, akuter Thrombophlebitis shins. These vector fields each have a value defined at every point of space and time and are thus often regarded as functions of the space and time coordinates.

As such, they are often written as E x, y, z, t electric field and B x, y, z, t magnetic field. If only the electric field E is non-zero, akuter Thrombophlebitis shins, and is constant in time, the field is said to be an electrostatic field.

Similarly, if only the magnetic field B is non-zero and is constant in time, the field is said to be a magnetostatic field. However, if either the electric or magnetic field has a time-dependence, then both fields must be considered together as a coupled electromagnetic field using Maxwell's equations.

When an EM field see electromagnetic tensor is not varying in time, it may be seen as a purely electrical field or a purely magnetic field, or a mixture of both. However the general case of a static EM field with both electric and magnetic components present, is the case that appears to most observers. Observers who see only an electric or magnetic field component of a static EM field, have the other electric or magnetic component suppressed, due to the special case of the immobile state of the charges that produce the EM field in that case.

In such cases the other component becomes manifest in other observer frames, akuter Thrombophlebitis shins. That is, akuter Thrombophlebitis shins pure static electric field will show the familiar magnetic field associated with a current, akuter Thrombophlebitis shins any frame of reference where the charge moves.

Likewise, any new motion of a charge in a region that seemed previously to contain only a magnetic field, will show that the space now contains akuter Thrombophlebitis shins electric field as well, which will be found to produces an additional Lorentz force upon the moving charge.

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Akuter Thrombophlebitis shins

Thanks for signing up! You've been added to our list and will hear from us soon. Früher wurde eine Thrombose regelhaft im Krankenhaus mit strikter Bettruhe und solche Patienten ebenso gut zu Hause mobil behandelt werden können?

Ursachen von Krampfadern, wodurch das Handgelenk die nötige Stabilität erhält, die auf eine schlechte Funktion der Venenklappen zurückzuführen. Article source is phlebitis or vein inflammation akuter Thrombophlebitis shins to a thrombuswhich is a blood clot. High akuter Thrombophlebitis shins states such as pregnancy, estrogen replacement therapyor oral contraceptives are associated with an increased risk of thrombophlebitis. Thrombophlebitis migrans can be a sign of malignancies such as pancreatic carcinoma.

Frequent checks of the pulseblood pressureand temperature may be required. If the cause is not readily identifiable, tests may be performed to determine the cause, akuter Thrombophlebitis shins the following: In certain circumstances drainage of the clot might be an option. In general, treatment may include the following: The average age of developing thrombophlebitis, based on analyzed incidents, is 54 for men and 58 for women.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Radiological image showing Medikamente zur Behandlung von Thrombose of the great saphenous vein. Classification and external resources.

Edema ankle and foot. Low molecular weight heparin. Reference Module in Biomedical Sciences. Diseases of the Human Body, akuter Thrombophlebitis shins. Cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, akuter Thrombophlebitis shins.

Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency. Superior vena cava syndrome. Inferior vena cava syndrome. Oral and maxillofacial surgery. Reproductive endocrinology and infertility. Bachelor of Akuter Thrombophlebitis shins, Bachelor of Surgery.

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