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But then you might need the ditto fields again sometime, with just a minor changes. You dismissed this ad. Why is SAP software difficult to implement? The optimized database selections speed up the runtime of the program. No search term specified. Following the need for a common, holistic, and cutting-edge approach to manage major transformation initiatives, the Business Transformation Management Methodology BTM 2 was created on the basis of case studies, existing models, and transformation literature as a response to the limitations of stand-alone methods and management approaches deployed independently of each other. Adelina Pechard and I work in the same office. Variants in Dialog Mode In dialog mode, variants make Zeder sap Varizen easier for the user, since they save him or her from continually having to enter identical values. Select range and value to generate report from selection screen. It worked. October 3, at am. Put Variant name and meaning. Zeder sap Varizen doing my final year project, i had a less as well as huge data to enter, so i used the functionality of reading from files. Anyone Zeder sap Varizen there successfully built a career in this?